About Us

Salle Jean Louis (formally Salle d’armes Jean-Louis Academie d’escrime) was founded in 1955 by Bert Raper, with a direct link to the legendary French master Jean-Louis Michel himself.

The club is situated on Auckland’s North Shore and was one of the strongest fencing clubs in the country in its heyday. We still pride ourselves on being capable fencers across all three traditional weapons, but also enjoy more social fencing for fitness and fun. With a variety of ages, levels of fitness and experience present, there is an opportunity for everyone to fence with confidence and comfort.

The club is coached by Andrew Imms, an Ex National Rep in all three weapons, and the University Blues Coach of the Year 2008. We fence primarily Foil and Epee, but there is always someone willing to cross sabres if that is your weapon of choice.

Beginners are welcome; all you need is loose fitting clothes, court shoes and a have-a-go attitude.

Fencing is an individual pursuit, which makes for plenty of camaraderie and competition around the piste. We are a social club and regularly organise social events, as well as coordinating get-togethers around tournaments and training. Salle Jean Louis organises New Zealand’s longest running social tournament, the Les Penny Memorial, and developed the very social Pie-Lattes un-workout regime to balance the exertion of intensive fencing.


Salle Jean Louis is dedicated to furthering the art of fencing. Fees are kept at a very modest level to encourage participation and include all coaching at club training sessions. Club fees are due within the first term of participation, and also cover the use of the gym and all club equipment. We recommend the purchase of your own fencing glove if you decide to continue the sport, but gloves are available to borrow for beginners wanting to try it out.

Annual Fee – Waged $200

Annual Fee – Student $170

Phoenix Fencing

Phoenix Fencing is a cadet program run under the auspices of Salle Jean Louis. Coached by Kyle Nankivell and supported by Salle Jean Louis senior fencers, it provides an opportunity to introduce Primary and Intermediate age students to fencing, and help secondary students develop their fencing.

Phoenix is open to fencers of any level from about the age of 10, and provides all the equipment required for students to experience the challenge and fun of fencing for themselves.

Phoenix Fencing meets  at Rangitoto College Gym 2 on Saturday mornings from 10AM till 11AM during the school terms.


Salle Jean Louis is fully affiliated with Fencing North, the regional association, and FENZ, the national body. They are in turn affiliated with FIE, the international federation of Fencing. Club members wishing to fence competitively are required to register their own individual affiliation at the regional level.

Fencing North

Fencing New Zealand (FENZ)

Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE)